Old Town of Lijiang


The Old Town of Lijiang is a UNESCO world heritage site that comprises three districts, namely Dayan Ancient Town (大研古镇), Shuhe Ancient Town (束河古镇) and Baisha Ancient Town (白沙古镇). This is the stronghold of the Naxi minority (纳西族), who make up the majority of the residents here along with Han Chinese and some of the most well-preserved ancient towns in China.

The three ancient towns were planned in the same way, with a large central square, bridges with uniform dimensions, and waterways flowing along the streets. Wandering around, learn more about their unique architecture which is influenced by Tibetan, Bai and Han styles. Also, the Naxi love living among nature and grow all varieties of flowers and trees in their courtyards, making it especially pleasant to visit in spring and summer.

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