Jiuding Shan Mountain


Jiuding Mountain is located 8 kilometers southeast of Maoxian County, Sichuan Province. The highest elevation (Lion King) is 4984 meters, covering an area of about 340 square kilometers. The Jiudingshan Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province was approved on January 6, 1999 to protect giant pandas and their biodiversity.

Because of the legend of “Yu cast Jiuding to town dragons, Jiufeng fairies help Yu to control water”, the local people call all the lakes on the mountain “Longchi”. Every visitor to the Black Dragon Pool will circle half of the Dragon Pool and return to the origin, begging the Dragon to grant him or her another half the happiness and fortune. Riding on a mountainside, you will experience the natural realm of the glorious and vigorous, away from the noise, full of poetic and picturesque, and the unity of nature and man. Jiuding Mountain is one of the ten non-famous peaks in China.

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