5-day Scenic Holiday

Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang


Have a brief ­encounter with the City of Eternal Spring, get up close and personal with Yunnan’s minority cultures, and experience a diverse variety of natural and man-made phenomena.

  • Explore the mysterious stone forests of Shilin
  • Take a boat down a subterranean river
  • Walk the double dragon bridge in Jianshui
  • Photograph the jewelled tones of Yuanyang

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Cuihu Park Kunming

Day 1: Kunming

Settle into your hotel in Kunming. Take an evening walk around Kunming’s old streets or wander around Cui Lake. Tuck into a hearty bowl of “Bridge Crossing” noodles, a Yunnan specialty, or try one of the many ethnic cuisines Kunming has to offer.

Day 2: Kunming - Shilin - Jiuxiang Caves

In the morning, we drive out to Shilin, a petrified forest shaped by wind and rain erosion. The fantasy rock formations will transport you to another world. Our next stop is Jiuxiang caves, the largest cluster of karst caves in China. We explore this subterranean wonderland both by foot and by boat.

Back in Kunming, you can enjoy the Dynamic Yunnan show. This if your introduction to the 25 ethnic minorities in China who live in Yunnan province, their song, dance and culture.

Shilin Yunnan China Shilin Stone Forest - Tours
Jianshui Double Dragon Bridge

Day 3: Kunming - Jianshui

Your trip continues south to Jianshui. Jianshui was previously an important political centre and is an interesting historic town to stopover en route to Yuanyang.

Spend the day exploring the restored gardens and residences of the powerful Zhu family, see how the locals make their tofu and visit the Double Dragon Bridge (built in the late Qing dynasty). This bridge is a feat of ancient Chinese engineering with its seventeen stone arches and was named after its resemblance to two battling dragons.

Day 4: Jianshui - Yuanyang

From Jianshui, we drive further south to Yuanyang. The history of Yuanyang’s terraced fields dates back more than a 1000 years, when the Hani and Yi cleared dense forests on the steep mountain slopes to grow their rice.

The longest cascades here have more than 3000 levels and boast a highly efficient irrigation ecosystem. Yuanyang is also a photographer’s dream come true and the best time to catch her reflections is between December and April, before the planting starts. We will explore a few different fields, each known for distinct colours and scenery.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces - Tours
Yuanyang Sunrise

Day 5: Yuanyang - Kunming

Wake up early to catch sunrise. We can either visit Azheke village, a protected village for its history and distinct “Mushroom Houses”, or could take a long walk through the fields for a taste of Hani village life.

Your private transportation will be waiting to take you back to Kunming to catch your flight home.

Optional add-ons: For an unforgettable experience

Trace the path of the old Tea Horse road, also known as the Southern Silk road, a meandering caravan route connecting South Asia to Tibet and Central Asia. Ride a horse down Shaxi’s ancient cobbled streets or the dense pine forests around Lashi Lake on horseback and be transported to a different time.

Experiences - Ride a horse down the ancient Tea Horse Road 2 - Tours

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