Gongga Shan Mountain


Mount Gongga (Minya Konka) is located in the southern part of Kangding in Sichuan. Mount Gongga is the main range of the snow mountain in Sichuan region. With a title of the King of Mountains in Sichuan, the main peak of Mount Gongga is in a height of 7,556 meters above the sea level. Mount Gongga is the easternmost 7,000m peak in the world and the third highest peak outside of the Himalaya/Karakoram.

Located in the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Mount Gongga is in the part of Hengduan Mountain Range. In Tibetan language, “Gong” means ice and snow, “Ga” means white color ice mountin, so Gongga means white ice and snow mountain.

Mount Gongga is one of the most popular destinations for international mountaineers. It is famous for its high climbing level. More dangerous and adventurous than climbing the Mout Everest, Mount Gongga now just have been conquered by 24 people.

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