Siguniang Shan Mountain


The Siguniang Mountain is the main peak massif of the Qionghai Range on the east edge of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Mt. Siguniang itself indicates the Mount Siguniang massif as well as Yaomei Peak. Sometimes it indicates the four sisters (four peaks, Dafeng, Erfeng, Sanfeng and Yaomei Feng). Being 6,250 meters above sea level, Siguniang Mountain is the queen of the mountains in Sichuan, just lower than Gongga Mountain (which is renowned as the king of mountains in Sichuan with a height of 7,556 meters). The mountain lies in Rilong Town, Xiaojin County in Aba Tibetan – Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, 220km to the west of Chengdu.

Siguniang, in Chinese character means Four Sisters. From its name, you can easily get to know that Siguniang Mountain is composed of four peaks. There is a legend says the four peaks are the avatar of the four sister of Ngaba Nangyi family who fight with devil Duerma. Famous as a sacred mountain in the eastern earth, the Siguniang Mountain is covered by snow all year around and is as beautiful as the Young Girl Peak of Alps Range, which has given Siguniang Mountain the fame of “Oriental Alps”.

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