Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山 yu long xue shan) is a holy mountain of the Naxi ethnic minority and forms a beautiful backdrop for any visit to Lijiang. The mountain stretches 35km from north to south and the highest of its 13 peaks rises to an altitude of 5,596m. It was said that the snowy and fog-shrouded mountain resembled a white dragon resting in the clouds, hence the name Yu Long.

Within the scenic area, Jade Dragon’s main attractions include the Glacier Park, Dry Sea Meadow (Ganhaizi), Spruce Meadow, Yak Meadow and Blue Moon Valley. Take a cable car ride up to 4,950m for a closer look at Shanzidou (its highest peak), watch Zhang Yimou’s Impressions Lijiang performance or take a light hike around spruce meadow and yak meadow.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a hotspot of biodiversity – Its subtropical, temperate and alpine landscapes form a sanctuary for rare animals and wild plants. Over a quarter of all plant species in China can be found here, and you can explore this botanical wonderland with us on a longer hike, off the beaten tourist track.

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