Mengding Shan Mountain


Mengding Mountain, located in the territory of Ya’an, Sichuan, is 110 kilometers from Chengdu and 15 kilometers from Ya’an. It is a famous mountain with beautiful sceneries and long history, rated as Three Famous Mountains of Sichuan together with Mount Emei and Mount Qingcheng. With the annual rainfall of over 2,000 millimeters, Mengding Mountain is featured by “raining and foggy scene”, which contributes to its Chinese name “Meng” (anciently named as “Xi Shu Lou Tian” in Chinese). Mengding Mountain has five peaks rising up in a circle like a lotus flower, among which Shangqing is the highest peak with the attitude of 1,456 meters.

The altitude, soil and climate of Mengding Mountain are very suitable for growing tea, so as far back as over 2,000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, “the ancestor of tea planting”, Wu Lizhen, began to plant domesticated wild tea trees on Mengding Mountain, which symbolizes the beginning of a human-plant tea history. Thus, it is generally recognized as the birthplace of the world’s tea civilization and the origin of the world’s tea culture.

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