Danba Tibetan Villages


Danba Tibetan Villages, a retreat from the world, are known as the most beautiful villages all over China. They are located at Danba County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province and famed for unique architectures. In the past, the typical buildings there were Zhaifang and Diaolou, which respectively refers to stockade houses and watchtowers. As time goes by, the two kinds of constructions integrate with each other and form the distinctive Tibetan style folk houses we see today.

Usually distributed along the southern mountain slopes facing the sun, houses in the Tibetan Villages are painted with whitewash. Most of the houses consist of three or four floors, with the exterior walls of the top floors painted yellow, black, dark red and decorated with the patterns of sun, moon, star and other religious designs. The ground floor often makes a barn for livestock, while the upper floors are the kitchen, storeroom, living room, and scripture hall. On the four corners of the roof, there are four white turrets, which are used to show respect to the deities in charge of hills, trees, rivers and lands. Pray banners hanging around the houses ripple in the wind, adding more charm to the region.

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