3-day Long Weekend Getaway

Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain


Feel the buzz of one of China’s most populous cities and experience an intoxicating mix of history, culture and nature through three distinct UNESCO heritage attractions. All within 3 days!

  • Absorb the sights and sounds of an ancient city
  • Visit Dujiangyan, a thousand-year old irrigation system
  • Explore Qingcheng Mountain, the birthplace of Taoism
  • Book a play-date with Sichuan’s Giant Pandas
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Kuanzhai Alley

Day 1: Chengdu

Settle into your hotel in Chengdu and take an evening walk around the historic Kuanzhai alley where you can enjoy mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine over a cultural performance.

Day 2: Giant Panda Base - Dujiangyan

The morning starts off with a visit to the Giant Panda Base in Dujiangyan. Here you can witness Pandas frolicking in an environment closely simulated to their natural habitats. If the time is right, we may even get to see baby Pandas.

In the afternoon, we explore Dujiangyan. Constructed in the Qin Dynasty, it is the oldest and only surviving irrigation system in the world with no dam. After an educational wander, check into your hotel at Dujiangyan.

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Day 3: Qingcheng Mountain - Chengdu

The second part of our trip to Dujiangyan is spent visiting one of the cradles of Chinese Taoism, Qingcheng Mountain. There are two parts of the mountain, the Front Mountain known for its spiritual atmosphere and the Back Mountain renowned for its tranquility. We will explore one of the two.

Your private transportation will be waiting at the bottom of Qingcheng Mountain to take you back to Chengdu city (or directly to the airport).

Optional add-ons: For an unforgettable experience

Take a few more days off to rest and rejuvenate. We’ll let you in on a secret: Not many foreigners know about the hot spring resorts scattered around Sichuan.

Bathe in a hot spring, do some yoga, soak up thousands of years of spirituality at Qingcheng Mountain, meditate. This is Chinese slow living.

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