Puzhehei Karst


Puzehei (普泽黑) is yet another beautiful expression of South China’s karst formations. The scenic locale known for some 300 conical hills ringed by dozens of placid lakes is also known as the “Guilin of Yunnan”. Its name is a Chinese translation of the Yi minority name for the area, roughly translating to ‘pools filled with fish and shrimp’.

This is a laid-back place, perfect to unwind among clear lakes and low-lying hills. The best time to visit is in spring when peach and plum blossoms are in bloom, or in summer when wild lotus flowers fill the lakes. As with most karst landscapes, there are light hikes for stunning sunset views and deep quiet caves with milky stalagmites. Bullet trains have started servicing the area recently and it is now a short escape from nearby Kunming.

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