4-day Long Weekend Getaway

Siguniang Mountain Valley Trails


Feel the buzz of one of China’s most populous cities, bask in the glorious beauty of Chinese “Alps” and visit a Giant Panda sanctuary. All within 4 days!

  • Absorb the sights and sounds of an ancient city
  • Chase waterfalls in Shuangqiao Valley
  • Ride on horse-back through Changping Valley
  • Book a play-date with Sichuan’s Giant Pandas
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Kuanzhai Alley

Day 1: Chengdu

Settle into your hotel in Chengdu and take an evening walk around the historic Kuanzhai alley where you can enjoy mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine over a cultural performance.

Day 2: Siguniang Mountain - Shuangqiao Valley

We start on a 4-5h drive to Siguniang Mountain in the morning. This UNESCO world heritage site is so named for its “Four Maiden” peaks which soar above 5,000m. The tallest and youngest sister, Yaomei Feng stands aloof at 6,250m and  is also known as the Queen of Sichuan’s peaks.

Here, we have entered the Aba autonomous Qiang and Tibetan region where prayer flags and Tibetan stupas are a common sight. We will spend the day exploring Shuangqiao Valley, one of three valleys in the area. Shuangqiao is renowned for its waterfalls, of which there are more than a hundred.

Siguniang Shan Mountain - Tours

Day 3: Siguniang Mountain - Changping Valley

Today, we turn our sights to Changping Valley, another large valley in the Siguniang Mountain area. We will explore the area on horseback, visiting a large and well preserved Tibetan Monastery, primitive forests, alpine meadows and lakes. Hiking is also an option.

The scenery here is stunning all year round, but our favourite time to visit is Summer when wild flowers bloom, or Autumn, when the mountains are dyed red, yellow and orange.

Day 4: Wolong Panda Base - Chengdu

We make a stop at Wolong Panda Base on the way back to Chengdu. This is the most scenic Panda Base, hidden deep in the mountains of Wolong National Park. Here we can witness Pandas frolicking in an environment closely simulated to their natural habitats. If the time is right, we may even get to see baby Pandas.

Your private transportation will be waiting to take you back to Chengdu (or directly to the airport).

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Optional add-ons: For an unforgettable experience

Challenge yourself to conquer one of Siguniang’s three summitable peaks – Da Feng, Er Feng or San Feng. They are all above 5,000m and arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Da Feng and Er Feng are trekking peaks, while San Feng requires some technical mountaineering skills.

Alternatively, embark on one of China’s top 10 treks through Changping and Bipeng Valley, spending two nights camping under the stars in pristine scenery.

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