Home of the Giant Panda, Shu of Three Kingdoms fame, birthplace of the face-changing opera and spicy Mala cuisine – Sichuan (四川) is a land of many guises.

Its capital Chengdu (成都) is a sprawling metropolis with 12 million people, the 7th most populous city in China, and the gateway to Western China. Within the city there are numerous historical monuments, some dating back 3000 years. And just past Chengdu’s boundaries, you can find mist-shrouded sacred mountains both Daoist and Buddhist, China’s two main religions.

Ever since Jiuzhaigou closed its doors to tourists, few venture beyond to explore the wonders of northern and southwestern Sichuan. To us, these are the most rewarding adventures, rich in Kham Tibetan culture and the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts.


Giant Panda Sanctury

Emei Shan Mountain

Leshan Giant Buddha

Siguniang Shan Mountain

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Wulong Karst

Dazu Rock Carvings

Qingcheng Shan Mountain

Changping Valley

Yading Nature Reserve

Danba Tibetan Villages

Jiuding Shan Mountain

Mengding Shan Mountain

Gongga Shan Mountain

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